Greetings from Eco-friendly green enterprise TAEBAEK Co., Ltd

Eco-friendly green enterprise TAEBAEK Co., Ltd
I express my sincere gratitude to those who have visited our website.

TAEBAEK Co., Ltd, which receives a trust from customers, is striving to handle various products along with a variety of POLYESTER STABLE FIBER products and building materials in order to grow in line with a customer satisfaction.

We import and export fiber and PET resin products from/to the domestic market and multiple companies overseas, while holding a number of infrastructures, such as many domestic fiber companies and building interior material companies.

At present, we are mainly exporting polyester staple fiber which is variously used as automobile interior materials and building interior. Semi-Virgin, Normal and B-grade are available for use.

As a trading company, we hold multiple items other than those listed above and we will try our utmost efforts to be ever-growing TAEBAEK Co., Ltd on the basis of customer trust.

On the basis of a business slogan ‘Devoting to the society through creating a new value’, we are committed to create solid management performances with innovative products and technologies, to provide differentiated values and services also in the environment sector and to be a company putting sustainable management into practice.

Corporate Overview

Corporate Name TAEBAEK Co., Ltd
CEO Park Dong Hee
Address of Location (Gu-pyong Dong) A-dong 402, 5-5, Indong 43-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Business Registration No. 670-86-00083
Telephone 054-471-5321~2
Fax 054-471-5327